• Pyramid Atlantic Art Center Spring 2022 Residents Artist Talk

    Pyramid Atlantic Art Center's Spring 2022 Resident Artist panel discussion featuring Carol-Anne McFarlane (Keyholder Resident), Andrea Sherrill Evans (Denbo Fellow), Jamille Wallick (Keyholder Resident) and Laura Rowley (Denbo Fellow).

  • C. Grimaldis Gallery - A Landscape Show: Artist Conversation

    A Landscape Show: Artist Conversation with Henry Coe, Andrea Evans, Erin Fostel, and Raoul Middleman

    Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, 6:00PM EST on ZOOM

    In conjunction with C. Grimaldis Gallery's current group exhibition A Landscape Show, we will be hosting a virtual panel conversation with Henry Coe, Andrea Sherrill Evans, Erin Fostel, and Raoul Middleman to talk about their studio practices and answer questions about the role of the landscape genre within Contemporary Art. Each participating artist is based locally or regionally, and will offer new perspectives on the changing Mid-Atlantic and Baltimore City landscapes.

  • Rose-of-Sharon paper & charcoal

    Rose-of-Sharon paper & charcoal

    Charcoal and paper made from Hibiscus syriacus / rose-of-Sharon foraged in my yard

    The process of stripping the bast fiber for papermaking left me with a whole bunch of beautiful pieces of inner wood (the woody cores of the plant). I immediately thought of making charcoal with it, and finally tried it over the weekend. It’s a bit on the harder side in contrast to something softer like grape vine charcoal. I love the possibilities and potential of a drawing medium and substrate/surface originating from the same source.