Artwork > On Summer's Margin

On Summer’s Margin is a series of site-responsive drawings that explore nuanced interconnections between the local ecology and human activity within the landscape surrounding Mother-in-Law’s Gallery in Germantown, NY. Using a palette of drawing media created with native and introduced plants gathered on site in late May, this work references interwoven natural and built features that dot the land. Images of dry stacked fieldstone, brush piles, and mown paths—rendered on handmade paper with inks derived from black cherry bark, ground ivy, and dandelion flowers—provide a window into the past and present history of the place. Installed throughout the grounds of the gallery, a group of framed drawings remain protected while their unframed counterparts weather under the late summer exposure. Over time, the fugitive quality of this work’s organic matter is heightened, allowing fabricated boundaries between the natural and human world to soften, blend, and fade.